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Boruto: Naruto the Movie English Subbed

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This movie is the close to it all Kishimoto wanted and he wrote it beautifully. He has a knack for that, and for hitting what I feel are the most important emotional points of a story.The animation is spotty at times; it is evident that the greatest amount of effort was spent on the opening and ending fight sequences, leaving all scenes in between at a lower level of quality.Must watch for anyone who has liked Naruto. The movie is truly the pinnacle of Masashi Kishimoto’s work. Made me feel sad when it ended because this is the end of an outstanding series.After the terrible “The Last”, my expectations for “Boruto” were very low, but I was pleasantly surprised with superior animation, interesting characters, and an excellent story …until the final act when they must have thought this was Dragon Ball Z movie complete with stronger power ups after being weakened when easily defeated before and using what was clearly a spirit bomb. The nonsensical ending seemed out of place given how well crafted the rest of the movie was but, unfortunately, poorly constructed finales are all too common for animé series feature films.

Boruto Naruto the Movie English Subbed